Meredith is a freelance writer for hire focusing on the following topics: Military Life, Education & Literacy, Parenting, Travel (Road Trips), Faith (deconstruction, feminism), and STEM topics for kids.

She also writes fiction, primarily for children and teens. Some of her stories can be seen below. Her picture book writing leans contemporary covering nature, STEAM, family relationships, and imaginative play. She is also currently working on a portal fantasy for middle grades and is building a collection of essays for adults on building community and friendships from her experiences as a military wife.

Printed Creative Works for adults:

Summer 2021: "My Daughter's Portfolio" Creative non-fiction/memoir essay in The Quiet Days Literary Magazine

October 2020: "Tom and the Guineas" Short story for The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

Her short creative non-fiction piece, "Calling Avon" appeared in Vol. 5 (2017) of the Feast Coffee & Culture Literary Magazine. You can read a reprint on Medium here: https://meredithflory.medium.com/calling-avon-b68841ad8b81

She periodically publishes to Medium, and you can read those essays here: https://medium.com/@meredithflory