Speaking Engagements

Meredith is available for speaking engagements, but primarily at the local level for now. As a former educator, she is comfortable in front of crowds, and would love to speak with your parenting, church, or civic group about her work regarding literacy, military life, or faith.

As a note moving forward, Meredith will only speak at groups that have clear policies for supporting and affirming LGBTQIA+ rights, practice egalitarian theology, and are inclusive of marginalized groups.

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2022 Honorable Mention #50PreciousWords

2021 Honorable Mention #PBParty and Runner-up #SunWriteFun

2017 Bronze Winner, Column: Child Development and Parenting Issues. Parenting Media Association:

"An emphasis on reading is a wonderful example of embracing stewardship in an increasingly digital, and perhaps unhealthy, world. The rich material here is enhanced by writing that is crisp, clear and wise, and delivered through a thoughtful, authoritative voice. "

2012 Jerome Johanning GTA Award, Kansas State University, English Dept.


July 2020 - Present: SCBWI

Speaking Engagements:

Spring 2020 Guest Video for EPISD Schools Read Across America, reading her short Story Tom and the Guineas

2019 Two guest preaching spots for Grace Presbyterian Church Available here: Kind Eyes, Big Smiles and When You Know Better, You Do Better

Fall 2018 Ft. Bliss MOPS Group on Raising Readers